Community Services

Holy Family Hospital conducts free medical camps for the Poor people in remote rural areas. There will be a group of doctors of different departments, Nurses, paramedical staff and volunteers in the camp to help the patients. There is pain and palliative care unit functions with this hospital to help & care the bedridden and needy patients at their doorstep. It is a group of doctors, Nurses & Volunteers. They visit them periodically, consoles them, give counseling, supply medicines & accessories as per the patients requirement free of cost.
It also conducts free surgery camp for different diseases in association with Surgical Volunteers International to the poor people. Free Phaco Surgery (Cataract Removal ) are being conducted periodically for the poor and needy.
Holy Family Hospital is a DOT Centre. It works in close association with Government Health Department to fight against Tuberculosis(RNTCP). It gives Referral services, Diagnostic Services, Treatment, Counseling etc. Once the patient is diagnosed as having TB- from that moment onwards till the patient get cured, we are giving holistic care to the patients like bio, physio, spiritual and social care.
Holy Family Celebrates World Heart day, World diabetic Day, Tuberculosis Day etc and conducts programme on these days to make awareness in the people about the importance of the health care.