Other Services


Spiritual care is a vital component of our mission and objective. We embrace spiritual dimension of our service to patients and families centre around this aspect. Odd times of our lives can be overcome by integrating this spiritual aspect. With this end different spiritual exercises are charted for every day of our life. We have Eucharistic celebration at 6.a.m and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament from 8am to 1pm. The services here are open to all people irrespective of faith factors and can draw inspiration from the Divine Healer. Other services include :
  • Daily Holy Mass - 6 am
  • Benediction of Blessed Sacrament 8 am - 1 pm and Friday 7 am - 3.30 pm
  • Daily Confession, Daily Evening rosary, Daily Night Prayers.
  • Prayer before each duty shift
Consultants: Rev. Fr. Thomas Kapiyarumalayil


Advocacy for the poor and vulnerable is a noble objective that we concentrate on. We act on this mission acknowledging that healthcare is a basic right and should be made available to all regardless of their ability to pay. With this view we at Holy Family hospital extend our services to villages.We organize community health services at regular intervals. We offer this facility in association with parishes, local voluntary units or governmental agencies. Interested groups or social activists may Contact Us for a Medical Camp. Every month - one free medical camp.


We work purely on terms of not for profit and we set aside a special sum to share with the marginalized members of our society. We profess our commitment towards these sects through organizing regular free clinics. Free clinics include consultation of specialized faculty and treatment, surgical procedure, free medicine dispensing, etc. This facility is available on First Fridays and 1st Thursdays of each month. Patients intending to benefit out of this service may Contact Us for a prior registration.


We make relentless efforts to keep our community healthy. We have tailor made health check options to screen your health standards periodically enabling you avoid any possible risk factors. You are at option to choose from different packages proportionate to your age. We advice you to make prior registration to facilitate effective service processing.
  • General body check
  • Neuro checkup
  • Cardiac checkup
  • Uro checkup
  • ENT-Ophthalmic combined checkup
  • Prime age checkup
  • Well woman check
  • Young star checkup
  • Senior citizens package


Holy Family Hospital will be pleased to provide Cashless Medical Insurance (Mediclaim) & Reimbursement services to patients who have health insurance policies.
List of TPAs and other Schemes for Cashless Treatment:-
  • Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd
  • Medi Assist India TPA Pvt Ltd
  • Vidal Healthcare service Pvt.Ltd/ TTK
  • Family Health Plan TPA Ltd (FHPL)
  • Max Bupa Health Insurance