Patients Right & Responsibilities

Patients right include the right to receive - care regardless of cast, gender, group, language, disability or source of income. Privacy - during examination, treatment and conversation with physicians and other Medical care unit. Protection from mental and physical abuse or harassment. Health care information provided in a manner and form that patient can understand. To make decision regarding the medical care, the right to accept or refuse treatment.
Express any concern regarding patient care. We encourage to communicate or compliments to their consultant, the customer care assistants or any member of information on expected cost of treatment. Examine your bills and receive an explanation of the charges regardless of the source payment of your care.
Patient responsibilities: As a patient you have the following responsibilities. Answer to the question correctly - Provide accurate health related information. Ask questions to understand treatment plan, Read all medical forms thoroughly. Ask for clarifications before signing consent forms. Follow the treatment plan recommended by the healthcare provider. Be considerate of the hospital’s personnel and property. Observe facility policies and procedures, including those related to smoking, noise and number of visitors.
Visitors: Visitors are welcome during the visiting hours. Visitors in the Intensive Care areas are requested to adhere to infection control protocols while entering the ICU. Patient may have to leave the room temporally while the patient is being examined by the care provider.